Hotaru-tei is a Japanese restaurant housed in a renovated 'kominka' – 160 year old traditional mansion – nearby the Snow Monkey Park and Shiga Kogen, where you can enjoy lunch and dinner.


Japanese Dining in a 160-year old traditional mansion


The large two-story wooden mansion of Hotaru-tei is stretched out over a surface of over 600 square meters.
Its beautiful beams and pillars, especially the massive central beam, are eye-catching throughout the building.
Built in 1850, the late Edo Period, in the snow-heavy Niigata Prefecture,
Hotaru-tei got transported to Nagano's Kanbayashi Onsen in April 1987.
The craftsmanship that got into building the mansion is worth seeing for yourself.
From the perspective of both history and architecture, Hotaru-tei is a cultural asset.

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Hirao, 1398-1, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture
Hotarutei is 10 minutes by car or bus from Yudanaka Station,
1 minute on foot from the Snow Monkey Park Parking Lot, and 20 minutes by car or bus from Shiga Kogen.

A free pick-up/drop-off service is available from/to Shibu Onsen and Shiga Kogen.

【Shiga Kogen area】

  • From:
    Okushiga Kogen17:00
  • Stops at all designated points
  • Arrival at Okushiga Kogen
  • From:
  • Stops at all designated points
  • Arrival at Hotarutei

【Shibu Onsen area】

  • From:
    Wagobashi bus stop 17:30/19:00
  • (5 min. to Hotarutei by bus)
  • From:

Shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off places and times

  • Pickup Point ①
    Okushiga Kogen Center House

    1.Okushiga Kogen Center House
    Pickup @ 17:00
    Evening drop-off at 21:40
  • Pickup Point ②
    Prince Hotel East Building

    2.Prince Hotel East Building
    Pickup @ 17:15
    Evening drop-off at 21:25
  • Pickup Point ③
    Prince Hotel South Building

    3.Prince Hotel South Hotel
    Pickup @ 17:20
    Evening drop-off at 21:20
  • Pickup Point ④
    Prince Hotel West Building

    4.Prince Hotel West Building
    Pickup @ 17:25
    Evening drop-off at 21:15
  • Pickup Point ⑤
    Ichinose Diamond Rental & Restaurant Building Inside the entrance

    5.Ichinose Diamond Rental & Restaurant Building
    Pickup @ 17:30
    Evening drop-off at 21:10
  • Pickup Point ⑥
    Takamagahara bus stop

    6.Takamagahara bus stop
    Pickup @ 17:40
    Evening drop-off at 21:00
  • Pickup Point ⑦
    Hasuike Mountain Station inside the entrance

    7.Hasuike Mountain Station Inside the entrance
    Pickup @ 17:50
    Evening drop-off at 20:50

  • Shibu Onsen area

    wagoubashi bus stop
    Pickup @ 17:30 19:00
    Evening drop-off at 20:00 21:00


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