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At Hotarutei (hereinafter referred to as "the facility"), we have established the following regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in denial of usage of services, including accommodation and meal services. In the case that damage to the facility is caused through customer action, you may also be held responsible for any damages incurred.

(1) Please do not use guest rooms for purposes other than accommodation without permission.

(2) Overnight stays by individuals not registered as guests are strictly prohibited.

(3) Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire premises of the facility, including all guest rooms (smoking on attached terraces is likewise not allowed). The use of electronic cigarettes or any other method of smoking is also prohibited. Bringing cigarette butts or other smoking paraphernalia into the rooms or onto the attached terraces is also prohibited. Failure to comply may result in a penalty equivalent to the accommodation fee as well as the cost of any damages incurred at the villa.

(4) Accommodation for minors is only allowed with the permission of a guardian.

(5) Actions that may cause a fire are strictly prohibited. Bringing inflammable or explosive materials, such as gunpowder or volatile oils, is also prohibited.

(6) Please do not bring the following items into the facility:

  • (a) Animals of any kind (except for guide dogs and service dogs).

  • (b) Unreasonably large or numerous items.

  • (c) Items emitting foul odors.

  • (d) Firearms, swords, etc., for which permission has not been received.

  • (e) Inflammable or explosive materials, volatile oils, or similar substances.

(7) Please refrain from engaging in gambling or any illegal or immoral activities within guest rooms.

(8) Do not place or hang items outside the guest rooms that may damage the appearance of the facility.

(9) Unauthorized distribution, posting of advertisements, sales of goods, solicitation, and distribution of flyers or collection of signatures, gatherings, etc., on the villa premises are not allowed.

(10) Water and power shortages during natural disasters (such as typhoons or earthquakes) during your stay are considered force majeure, and refunds of accommodation fees will not be provided. During power outages, disaster kits (flashlights, candles, etc.) are available for guests.

(11) The use of hair dyes, bleach, or similar products is prohibited within the facility.

(12) Accommodation fees will not be discounted or refunded regardless of whether meals provided by the hotel are consumed or not.

(13) Please refrain from using public spaces such as the lobby, restaurant, etc., while wearing pajamas or room slippers.

(14) When leaving your room during your stay, please make sure to carry your room key card and lock the door.

(15) Please return the room key card to the front desk at the time of check-out.

In the event that the facility enters into special agreements within the limits allowed by the law, such special agreements shall take precedence over the provisions of the preceding article.

(16) Additionally, this agreement has been drafted in English; however, in the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies in the interpretation of the agreement, the Japanese version shall take precedence.

Furthermore, changes to these regulations will be applied from the effective date specified when the content of the revised regulations is posted on the facility's website. When amending these regulations, a written document or tablet device containing the amendment details will be provided in the guest rooms.

September 1, 2023


Nagano, Shimotakai district, Yamanouchi,
Hirao 1398-1

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From Nagano Station, 50 min by express bus.
From Nagano Station, 50 min by limited express train.
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