NEW Lunch Menu

Elevate your dining experience with the newest additions to our walk-in lunch menu, available for a limited time only. Treat yourself to the grilled Shinshu Wagyu beef lunch set, the highest-grade (A5) local wagyu beef (fed with apples). Or get the freshest fish sushi sourced from our neighboring town, Niigata.

Alternatively, take your time and enjoy a leisurely lunch with our exclusive course menu (5000, 8000, and 12000 Yen), available through reservation only.

You are also welcome to try our Drinks Only Menu. Try our selection of local wine and sake as well as coffee. And with this drink-only option, a small fee of 300 Yen (table charge) will be included in your bill, per person.


Nagano, Shimotakai district, Yamanouchi,
Hirao 1398-1

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From Nagano Station, 50 min by express bus.
From Nagano Station, 50 min by limited express train.
From Yudanaka Station, 10 min by bus.

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